Someone rigged the voting or something because there is no way he was better than all the other contestants. Really America?
Okay, okay. I know I haven't posted in a LONG time and I realize that Mr. Rubix thing was stupid. I get it. I'm changing it back to "O Hai Dere!' right after I post this.
Stupid eBay! I really want to buy this item but someone is auto-bidding against me! It stinks! Well, I guess that person really wants the item too... Hmm...
I'm starting to reconsider whether becoming a Mac was a good choice. Can you help?
I recently decided that I prefer Macs over PCs! Isn't that great for you Mac lovers? Score one for Apple! As for you PC lovers... adios, amigos!
I had this whole amazing blog post full of stuff ready to post, but then this thing popped up on Weebly, while I was writing the middle of a sentence, and I clicked spacebar, trying to create a space, and I didn't get a chance to read the box that popped up, but I'm pretty sure that it said something like "You're blog post is being deleted. Whatever you do, don't push the space bar." Also, Weebly keeps jumping around in the text box to random places when I'm in the middle of a sentence, and I have to fix it and then go back and finish the sentence. This is horrible! I know you probably wan't to read my amazing blog post I typed up, but I am NOT gonna type all that again. Now today at least. So you're gonna have to wait. By the way, when I was in the middle of that last sentence, it jumped to a random place in the text box. Can you believe that! I thought Weebly was a better website builder that Webs A.K.A. Freewebs, but maybe it's not. Talk to ya later!
DarkSpore took around 6 hours do download yesterday, and it finished at, like, 11:00 so I couldn't play it. :( Then, to make it worse, it crashes after the Maxis screen!
OHMIGOSH! I requested to be part of beta for a sequel to a game called Spore that I like a lot, and they sent me a passcode to get in to beta tomorrow at 3:00 PM EST!
AGH! I promised myself I would get to beta test Jmtb02's new game, Elephant Quest! And I missed it! By 5 minutes!
Don't click read more! There's nothing to read about!